Friendship Ride 2013

Another great year and a great ride. The smoke from the nearby Aspen Fire didn’t bother us much, and the group enjoyed a little cooler weather and mostly clear roads this year.

We met at the normal spot, I’ve grown accustom to seeing this lot filled with bikes come the first Saturday in August. We had a tight group this year, not much waiting around on this trip.

Heading to Humphrey’s we hit some road construction on Old Tollhouse. Unfortunately, they had just repave the road from Hwy 168 nearly all the way to Humphrey’s Station. Thankfully we all made it through the mess without any problems.

Alan and his crew at True Value did an awesome job setting up the huge tent, chairs, tables, and BBQ. My wife Michele was already there chilling the drinks and getting all the yummy sides out for everyone to enjoy… yes, fresh baked cookies as well.

I would like to thank Seth and Randy for again helping me keep everyone on route, I don’t know what I would do without you both.

Thanks also to all the riders and their families who shared this day with me. It was nice meeting a few new faces and also seeing all those friends that have joined me so many times before. I spent the day thinking of Mike, probably rode a little fast on those roads we love so much, but it put a smile on my face thinking how much he would have enjoyed riding with everyone. Until next time, be safe my friends.

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