Friendship Ride Loop is official

My intent for the Friendship Ride was to have a different route for each year but unfortunately I quickly realize while out scouting new roads that not all the roads I like to ride are suitable for riders that are not used to the area. It’s hard to find those perfect roads that will be great for every rider and not just for those who know the roads. It’s also difficult to find a route that doesn’t take all day, as a lot of people don’t usually put in the miles that I’m used to. 🙂

I decided this year that the Friendship Ride would have a set route. Last year’s trip seemed very pleasing to everyone so I think it would be quite fitting to make it the official route. Check out The Ride page for more information on the trip.

Ride T-Shirts

Time is running and you need to order your shirts this week if you would like them for the ride. CafePress is currently having a buy 3 get one free sale. Now would be a great time to fill up the closet (like I did!) with a ride shirt and maybe even something from the Biker Friendly shop. 🙂

Again, we receive no money from the sale of our ride shirts as they are offered at the minimum price CafePress has to offer.