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It’s hot, hot, HOT!

It looks like after the past few weeks of grueling above normal temperatures, cool weather is in store for this weekend’s ride. The stage is set for a wonderful day as we complete the last of our preparations. If you plan on making the ride or just meeting us for the BBQ, please take a moment to send me a quick message so we make sure we have enough food for everyone.

I’ve also been asked many times about donations for the ride. I will have a donation jar available at the BBQ for those who wish to donate. Please note that donations are NOT required and all donates will go towards the purchase of the food and any thing left over will be used for next year’s ride. Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest in helping out. 🙂

Special thanks again goes to Jodi Bearden for creating this awesome flier for this year’s ride.

Recent updates

The itinerary for this year’s Ride is now available on The Ride page. Starting time is 9:00am at the Starbucks in Oakhurst. We’ll be ending up in Bass Lake for a yummy BBQ.

Mike’s Step to the Corkscrew

I was busy last weekend visiting the track at Laguna Seca. They said that all of the “Steps to the Corkscrew” bricks that have been purchased last year have been placed at the track. Unfortunately that was not true. But we did happen to find Mike’s step in the stack off to the side so I took the liberty to place it where I wanted.

I’m hoping they decided to leave it there so I know where it will be when I return for the races next weekend.

Ride to work Day!!!

Don’t forget, the 15th annual Ride to Work day is Wednesday, July 19th 2006.

Ride to Work

The 15th annual Ride to Work day is Wednesday, July 19th 2006

Participation in the yearly demonstration is estimated to triple the number of riders on the road, and help reveal to the public that motorcyclists come from all walks of life, work in all occupations, and range in age from teenagers to grandparents. Motorcycle clubs and organizations worldwide actively encourage members to ride their cycles to work on this day.

Each week day in the United States, more than eighty million cars and light trucks commute on American roads, but only about 200,000 of the over six million registered cycles are regularly used for such daily transportation. Adding more motorcycles to the mix can help make urban parking easier and traffic flow better, according to Ride to Work, a non-profit advocacy organization. Studies have also shown that urban motorcyclists reach their destinations faster than those using automobiles, and that most motorcycles consume less resources per mile than typical automobiles.

And don’t forget…

This year’s Friendship Ride is set for August 5, 2006! We are still working on the route but are definite that the ride will end up at beautiful Bass Lake for a relaxing BBQ. Michele and I will be setting out shortly to time and measure the route we have in mind so I should have this year’s itinerary up on the site very soon.

Also, I plan on taking a ride out to the track at Laguna Seca prior to the races this month. I should have pictures on the site soon as there are only two more weekends before Laguna. I know that time is running out, but I want to search for Mike’s step before the races as I think it will be hard to find come race day when there are thousands of people walking the trail.

Friendship Ride 2006 is officially set for August 5

I’m currently busy working on the route and as soon as I lock it down I will post the itinerary here.

My efforts to reach SCRAMP, the governing body of Laguna Seca has not been successful. I have no idea when Mike’s step will be set in place. My only choice now is to visit the track in the near future and look for it myself. I will let everyone know when and where I find Mike’s step so others will be able to find it more easily. I will also take pictures for those who are unable to visit the track.

Also, I’ve been busy with my new project. It’s called Biker Friendly and is quickly becoming a huge hit. I hope to bring more awareness between riders as well as hopefully improving an already troubled rider/driver relationship. I encourage you all to visit the site and order you free stickers. It’s a very simple way to help get the word out.


We did it!

It’s official, we’ve reached our goal and we now have enough contributions to purchase the step and replica stones.

We are currently working with the engravers in order to get the step as close as possible to our original design. We may have to make a few compromises on the logo but we are trying our best to get the image approved as is. As soon as we agree on the proof, we will purchase the step and replica and I will let you know when we could expect to see the step placed on site.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this remarkable memorial for Mike. I will let everyone know when everything has been finalized.

Update on Mike’s Step to the Corkscrew

Good news regarding Mike’s Steps to the Corkscrew. The logo has been tentatively approved and is off to their stencil department for the final say.

More good news, they are still offering the replica stone but we’ll have to gather a bit more money to purchase both. Thank you to all of those you have already so generously contributed so much, and for those that would still like to help, now is the time to do it. 🙂

Shannon told me that the Steps to the Corkscrew is such a thoughtful way to keep Mike a part of the Laguna experience. I think the replica stone would be a nice personal memorial for Shannon to keep in her home.

Gallery added

Michele and I went through all the pictures (over 350) and we think we kept the best. The gallery section is now open. Thanks to everyone who uploaded their photos. Special thanks to Ken for setting up the FTP site and providing the space to temporarily host the files.

>> Ride Gallery

Also, thanks to all those you have already contributed to Mike’s step. We are getting closer everyday.

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